What fires me up is…


Helping small business owners & entrepreneurs…

  • Get clear on what to post on social media and who to create for.
  • Create an authentic direction for how to create the content to grow their business
  • Drive sales from social media and turn their followers into $$$$$

It is my mission to empower and lift up small businesses and entrepreneurs to allow them to thrive and grow their business by reaching the right people and converting them to be ALL IN, Ride-or-Die, buy-everything-you-offer customers!

I believe that through authentic storytelling, understanding your audience, and starting real conversations with your followers online, you really can change the world.

Are you ready to take charge of your message online?

I started Taylor Dae Creative to share my love of brainstorming and problem solving, coupled with my creative side.

As someone who has owned 3 businesses in the past 10 years, I understand the challenges that the entrepreneur faces – and often faces them alone.

I understand that growing on social media can feel overwhelming. Brands and small businesses often feel like they have to post something, but are unsure of how to monetize their social media. 

Businesses are often forced to resort to bland, generic captions and run-of-the-mill images created on the fly.

As we work together I help you develop a fullscale plan to make social media FUN! Let’s start creating conversations with your ideal clients and customers, let’s have a personality online, let’s create something more than inspirational quotes that other people have posted a million times.

Some Random Things About Me…


I feel like 1/4 of my grocery budget is dedicated to different and new drinks to try! I love anything with great packaging!


I'm pretty sure I've been to more countries than states! But that needs to change, I want to do a cross country road trip soon!


If you ever want someone to go out and shake your booty with that is me! 🙋 I love the feeling of letting loose and letting go and just having fun!


Cupcakes are awesome. They are the perfect combination of cute, creative, and delicious! End of story. I just felt like they needed some love.


If you follow my Pinterest, you'll know that I pin tons of recipes! I love cooking and I love my Instant Pot. Right now I am hooked on Hello Fresh.

Bullet Journal

I have been using a BuJo for 2 years and it is the first planning system that has worked for me. I love the mix of creativity  & planning


I love movies! You can often catch me watching any romcom made between 1980 & 2005 and any musical besides Greese.


If I could spend all of my time listening to new music and going to shows , I would be a happy girl. Indie, R&B, Funk, Post-Punk, I love it all!

It Starts with Story

I can show you how to create impactful content that resonates with your audience, makes them say YES!, makes them buy into your brand mission, and create lifetime customers…Without digital ads.

Convert Followers to Real Sales $$!

Learn how to convert your followers to drive sales and engagement inside of your captions on social media!

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